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Spectra International has consistently been ranked #1 for Executive Search in Arizona and has a 25-year proven track record of locating the highest caliber leaders in their respective industries. Our elite network of recruiters share a common goal with our clients in hiring the right person for the right job while carefully matching not just skills and experience but also corporate fit and personality.


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Our Virtual Recruiters are independent contractors who are trained to recruit and fill nationwide job openings. Once the Trainee is far enough along in their training, we supply selected job openings for hands-on training, provide training, tips and techniques to help build their confidence and success. Our goal is to help our Trainees source/recruit talented candidates for their selected job openings. You will earn a substantial commission when one of your candidates is hired.

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Our Virtual Recruiters select their own job openings based upon their previous/current industry experience.  After sourcing (recruiting) their candidates, they submit the prospective candidates to our Recruiting Manager for final review and submission on the client job opening.  If your candidate is selected for an interview, you will then step in and manage your candidate throughout the rest of the process -- with our help and guidance -- hopefully, right through the hire and commission!

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In order to achieve our vision of capturing and optimizing the goals of our clients and candidates, our national network of talented recruiters relentlessly search to ensure the perfect match between employer and employee.