January 2013
All Jobs Created in Jan 2013 by Small and Mid-Sized Companies...Our Targeted Clients!!

March 20, 2013

With the worst of the recession behind, employers are again turning to outside recruiters for help filling their more challenging positions.

March 2013
ASA Staffing Index             

Staffing employment in March is up 2.4% from the same month last year, according to the ASA Staffing Index. 

February 12, 2013

In Praise of Recruiters:  A CEO Discovers the Magic of Working with a Recruiter.

Providing America's Most Important Resource -- People!

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Virtual Recruiters are independent contractors who help our executive search firm fill OUR UNLIMITED JOB OPENINGS all across the country (and even internationally)!

Quite simply: We supply the job opening and our Virtual Recruiters supply their recruited candidate. When this recruited candidate fills one of our positions, the Virtual Recruiter earns up to 55% of our collected fee!


We believe that a world class executive search firm successfully engages businesses and the candidates they seek to join force to optimize their goals. Achieving this vision, our international network of industry specific executive search consultants relentlessly scour the globe with a 24/7, customized search process that ensures the perfect match between employer and employee.
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